Often when we talk about online marketing we tend to neglect the concept of blog marketing , we are more inclined to understand and group all those marketing activities that have to do with blogs, within other types of marketing ranging from social media marketing to link building activities, passing through SEO . Considering the fact that the marketing activities that have to do with blogs are becoming increasingly important, the question we ask ourselves today is: what is it necessary to focus on to achieve an effective and coherent strategy?

We could hypothesize a strategy divided as follows:

  • Blogging : which includes all those activities related to corporate blogs and various collaborations with bloggers, necessary for the development of content as content marketing activities that build the identity of the brand and have as their main objective online visibility.
  • Brand reputation : which includes activities such as link building and SEO, which aim to increase online visibility without taking too much care of content, the favorite to increase the ranking on SERP.

The latest news on link building and seo consider these as activities in constant decline, with less and less effectiveness, outdated by innovations such as those introduced by Google with its PENGUIN . But will it be true?

We tend not to consider such voices as nonsensical, we are aware of the fact that the new google algorithm, much more refined, has made the seo and link building more difficult, but we do not consider these activities as completely disappeared, even if google gives a ever greater weight to the contents and links between the related content on blogs, activities such as online buzz and link building continue to remain essential for an SEO activity.

The result? The contents become a key element of link building and SERP optimization, link popularity must now be integrated with web popularity activities. Combine a coherent content building with a correct link building activity; it does not matter anymore only the quantity of links created but to this goes a high quality content. But how do you create this content?

  • The way it is created, the effectiveness is measured by the quality of the content that could be expressed also through a video, an infographic or a thematic article
  • Is the context, link and content present in a coherent context? Are they able to reach users who are dealing with the context?

Having a direct presence on blogs or making direct collaborations with bloggers, are the two most effective means, not only for developing effective content marketing, but for all future SEO activities. Blogs, and online publishers in general  , are the ideal places and provide the most effective tools to optimize the kind of web popularity that Google (and others  ) wants.

But what are the benefits of marketing with blogs and blogs?

• thematic websites that reach well defined and precise targets; 
• quality thematic content; 
• variety of means of communication of contents (videos, articles, quotations, etc.); 
• permanence and organic nature of the published contents; 
• variety of payment models and low prices;


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