Increasing the number of customers and turnover is the desire of every company. Investing to find new ones? Or retaining those current? No choice excludes the other. Well, if your communication makes use of an editorial plan of social media marketing you are on the right track.

Ok, but what does this mean? Plan your own content strategy on the different social channels and schedule it according to pre-established time intervals.

Let's take a step back, people use social networks to have fun and spend time. Eye, with a couple of funny memes you will succeed, at most, to snatch them a laugh. To get their trust you need something else. We need a strategy that is able to generate value both for the company and for people. Let's see how to do now.

First question: what is your goal? Generate profits for your obvious business. Well, people are not on social networks to buy. No panic, with the right stimuli you might be willing to do it. A good marketer knows well which ropes to touch.

Once you have established your goal, you must understand who your target is and build your Buyer Personas . Only once you have it in mind you can prepare an ambush. Is your typical customer a millennial listening to music trap? Instagram, perhaps, is for you. Or is it the purchasing manager of a B2B company? So Linkedin is the ideal channel.

Wait up. Before publishing anything, ask yourself: what do I give to people? Never take it for granted. A content can serve to inform, educate, inspire and convince. It is the basis of Content Marketing. You must be clear and transparent. Only then will you be able to reach your target. If you're good, you can turn a stranger into a customer . If you're very good, a customer in a fan .

Ok, now that you understand the importance of the target, objectives and quality of content we can move on to our editorial plan. Get a calendar and open a text editor. Let's start.


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